Progress at Isiphiwo Primary School

The final stages of the building of a computer lab for Isiphiwo Primary School required some hands-on work by members of RC Wynberg. Accordingly a group left for the school on Saturday 17th January 2015 to erect shelves, move old computers out and new in. By the looks of it a lot of fun was interspersed with some very serious work.

Our thanks once again to our American donors for the money for this centre. The benefit to the school and the community will be immense!

Inspecting the work
Inspecting the work
Justin lending a hand
Justin lending a hand

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Busy weekends with Wynberg Rotaract

Painting Playgrounds at Isiphiwo Pre-School: 29 September.

Rotaract brought paint and all had a funfilled day helping brighten up the playgrounds:

it included hop scotch  and the snake




The team + two Grade R teachers + Mr Tabata (Principal) + caretaker.

 Rotaract PotjieKos competition: Saturday 6 October

The 3 judges with the winning Rotaract Club – Bellville

(see no bias remembering the 4 way test!!!)


Judging the competition








The winning potjie and cook






<:–The road was so bad that most folk elected to walk up.

Interesting bringing some stuff down!!! –>


The farm have started eradicating alien trees.  This has left Rotary Walk and the left of the castle (as you look at it from the arena) a “little” exposed.  The chain saw came out and we did a lot of cleaning up.  A long way to go still.  Took 2 tractor loads away and then it just became to muddy for the tractor to move.  New walls/screens have to be built to hide Rotary Walk now.  Going to be lots more work parties before the start of Uncle Paul’s.

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