Induction 2017-2018

On Thursday 29th June the Wynberg Rotary Club and guests proudly attended the induction of President Rob Murphy for the 2017-2018 Rotary Year. Rob has been secretary for the past few years and we are all confident that he will bring nbew insights to the role of President.

President Rob (left) being congratulated by outgoing President Alan.

Rob started a very inspiring speech with a quotation from Henry VIII –

“I’m told that a good way to start a speech like this is to say “As Henry V111 said to his wives: I won’t keep you long…. “  so we all settled into our next glass of wine …  Robs Induction Speech.

The New Board: Candice (Youth), Biffy (PE and Membership), Keela (Secretary), President Rob, Mike (Treasurer) and Alan (PP and Services)

Download Incoming President Rob’s Induction speech and Outgoing President Alan’s Handover Talk.

Induction of two New Members

A highlight of any Club President’s tenure is the induction of new members into the club and RI.

On 10th March 2016 the club proudly inducted Jean and Sanmari Crous.

Jean and Sanmari had been visiting the club for several meetings, and had already become very involved in club activities, meetings and social events. They had moved to the Southern Suburbs a year ago, and had been looking for a meaningful way to enjoy their leisure hours in the community. Fortunately for all parties they discovered Wynberg Rotary Club.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Jean and Sanmari Crous
Jean and Sanmari Crous

An Important Meeting (with RC Kromboom, the DG and the AG)

On Wednesday 22nd October RC Wynberg and RC Kromboom had a joint meeting at Kelvin Grove with DG Cecil Rose and AG Michelle Anders. This meeting gave a chance for all members of both clubs to meet the DG and AG, and to discuss strategies and plans for the year.

The meeting was well attended by members of both clubs, each represented by their respective President and Sergeant. Their were a number of other guests – Cecil rose was accompanied by his wife Lesley, and Michelle by her husband Bruce. We also had an international visitor, (ex South African) John Fowler, who was visiting the DG. Continue reading “An Important Meeting (with RC Kromboom, the DG and the AG)”

Induction of the Club President 2014-2015

The evening of the 19th June saw the induction of our new club president, Jackie James. The event was held at the very tastefully decorated Mowbray Golf Club,

PP Karen handing over Presidency to Jackie
PP Karen handing over Presidency to Jackie

There were a number of highlights to the evening. DGE Cecil Rose presented two awards to the club – a certificate of appreciation for hosting a successful Rotary Family Health Day in April 2014, and a certificate was presented on behalf of the Board of Directors of RI and signed by RI President Ron Burton for the highest retention rate of membership and membership development in District 9350. Well done to a very vibrant and successful club!

Karen and DGE Cecil Rose with certificates
Karen and DGE Cecil Rose with certificates

The club also awarded a Double Sapphire Paul Harris to Honorary Rotarian John Vivian. John   has been involved in Rotors, then Rotaract, and then became a Rotarian. During his time he has embraced many positions including that of President in 1989/90, but has always been enthusiastic and supportive in all spheres. He has designed and built many a castle
for Uncle Paul’s Christmas Parties even when large trees destroyed the castle. John, ever the
handy-man has been involved in many projects and always willing to help. His close association with Rotors/Rotaract was marked by their presentation of his first Paul Harris award given to him by our Incoming President Jackie when she was Rotors President. We all congratulate him.

President Karen awarding Double Sapphire Paul Harris to John Vivian
President Karen awarding Double Sapphire Paul Harris to John Vivian

In accordance with tradition, the incoming presidents of Wynberg Rotaract and Retreat Rotaract, Lee Bergman and Thasmine Abrahams were inducted as Honorary Members for this coming Rotary year.

We had a number of illustrious guests attending:-

  • DGE Cecil Rose
  • AG Michelle Anders and her husband Bruce
  • Incoming president of RC Sea Point, Tony Davidson
  • RC Sea Point PP Gavin Schachat
  • Incoming president of RC Waterfront, Maryke Vermaak
  • RC Waterfront Chris Fick
  • Incoming president Wynberg Rotaract, Lee Bergman
  • Incoming president Retreat Rotaract, Thasmeen Abrahams
  • Wynberg Rotaract – Jessica de Shmidt, Kerri Connor, Chrisleen Rankin, Daniel Doyle, Zintle Gantsho, Morne Valentyn
  • Friend of Retreat Rotaract – Lucien Willemse
  • Friend of Wynberg Rotary – Simisha Pather-Elias and her husband Imraan
  • Honorary member June Orsmond and her husband Guy
  • Honorary member John Vivian and his wife Mary
  • Partners – Derek Waldman, Jackie Wernberg, Kit Schreiber, Wenche Hovstad, Colin Bird, Janet van Wyk, Valda Todd, Edith Hime, Marietjie van Eerden, Pam Jackson

In her incoming speech Jackie highlighted the need for partnerships in Lighting up Rotary:-

Rotary, both at an organisational level, and at our club level has experienced many changes recently. Over the past two years our club has grown rapidly from 19-29 members. Since July 2013 Rotary International has shifted it’s focus to “larger, higher impact projects” that are sustainable. By sustainable they mean “projects must benefit the targeted community long after the grant fund has been expended.” Together with this they have introduced the New Grants Model, including Global Grants, enabling clubs to access large amounts of funding.
For many years now the Rotary Club of Wynberg have been committed to such long-term projects – Lavender Hill High School, Norwegian-sponsored schools in Grassy Park and Lotus River, the Sailing Programme and Retreat Community Hospital. Funded by a Global Grant we are now supplying much-needed medical equipment to Victoria Hospital, developing a literacy programme and a Baby College programme.
Key to these projects are the partnerships we have developed – with the clubs and colleges in Norway, with our recipient schools and with local Rotary Clubs. We looked forwarded to working closely with RC Sea Point, RC Waterfront and other clubs, not only on project but socially and sharing of ideas.
Incoming RI President Gary C K Huang’s theme for this Rotary year is “Light up Rotary”, and his goal is to “light up the lives of people in need”, emphasising, together with DG Cecil Rose the importance of participation. RC Wynberg’s goal is to keep up our hard work and increase the light we spread in our communities, and to continue to keep the light of fellowship burning brightly in our club.

In accordance with Tradition Jackie finished with a quote, in this case from Leonard Cohen:

“There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in”.

President Jackie with PP Karen
President Jackie with PP Karen

See the Wynpress 25 June 2014 for more information on the evening.

An Induction and Paul Harris to end the year

The annual end of year party for the Rotary Club Wynberg is always special. Gifts are distributed – and swopped, to the dismay of some unfortunates – , the meal is good,  talking laughing and general good cheer is shared by all.

This year, however was special. We celebrated one outstanding achievement – a Paul Harris – and inducted our latest member. Continue reading “An Induction and Paul Harris to end the year”

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