Rotary Tree Planting

Annual Tree Planting Project

Rotary Club of Wynberg annually partners with communities to plant trees to promote the environment as well as improve the surroundings of the community.

Square Hill Primary 2021

The Rotary Club of Wynberg partnered with Square Hill Primary EarlyAct Club under the guidance of Ms Connor to plant 7 Cape ash, 3 Keurboom trees and a water wise garden at the entrance of their school.

Recently the school situated in Retreat a low middle income community were forced to cut down old trees that posed danger to the children and the buildings. Ms Connor approached Wynberg Rotary to plant trees in their places. President Justin Schonegevel welcome the request and with support of the club donating trees and plants we we able to plant all 10 trees and garden in the one morning.

The school provided snack and coffee for the Rotarians and helpers which was really needed after a hot day in the sun. Rotary will return in the spring to see how the trees have faired in the winter.

Rotary International celebrates 1 year of promoting the Environment to its areas of focus. Our environment is precious and must be protected.


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