Library Corner Project

Founded in 2014
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About the project

The Library Corner Project was founded by the Rotary Club of Wynberg in 2014 to help boost the quality of literacy in junior schools.

The club hosted a literacy Indaba late in 2013 to investigate solutions and in 2014 the Library Corner Project was established. The club would provide schools with a small library corner in the foundation phase classes of schools to increase literacy from an early stage.

In 2019 we began providing library shelves to Grades 4 to 7 to ensure all learners of these schools have access to a book. The first school to receive this was Lotus River Primary School.

Schools who qualify for Library Corner Projects are low income or non-fee schools that have an existing reading programme. The Library Corner Project is only successful in a positive reading environment.

What is included in a Library Corner?

The Library Corner Project delivers a full set of library bookcase for all grades R to 3 in the Foundation phase. Each class receives:

  • a Closable (lockable) bookcase on wheels for easy moving and storage,
  • a comfortable carpet for learners to sit and play on,
  • and a collection of reading books to start the library corner.

Project History

  1. 2015 – Perivale Primary School – 10 Classrooms – Total Spend R25 876.78
  2. 2016 – Lotus River Primary School – 10 Classrooms – Total Spend R27 691.29
  3. 2017 – Stephen Road Primary School – 10 Classrooms – Total Spend R28 288.60
  4. 2017 – Montagu Gift Primary School – 8 Classrooms – Total Spend R22 227.16
  5. 2018 – Southfield Primary School – 8 Classrooms – Total Spend R24 663.80
  6. 2019 – Lotus River Primary School – 8 Classrooms – Total Spend R22 727.08

How can you help?

  1. Collecting and donating good quality reading books for learners aged 4-9.
  2. Donating funds to help buy the shelves.
  3. Attend our annual fund raisers and follow:
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