St Lukes Hospice Benefit Concert: 8th June 2014

Wynberg Rotary will be organising a concert in aid of St Lukes Hospice.

Allschlaraffisches Benefit Concert - St Lukes_v2

“Schlaraffia” is a fellowship of men who, with like-minded endeavours, strive to cultivate the arts and sense of humour, following an established ancient ceremony whose main credo is the cherishment of friendship among each other.
“Schlaraffia” originated in Prague in 1859 from the disenchantment of artists and fine arts patrons with the established Austrian, German and Helvetian theatrical community who was at its heyday in the 1850s, with its credo: “In arte voluptas! ”
Until today, many members are still artists by profession and as such they formed the ASO – “Allschlaraffische Symphony Orchestra” with over 60 members. Their repertoire consists of international classical music with a Austrian German touch as well as many of their own compositions!!
This orchestra will be visiting South Africa for the first time, at their own expenses, in June 2014. Starting on 8th of June in the City Hall in Cape Town, they will also give performances in Johannesburg and Pretoria! The benefits of the Cape Town performance will entirely go to the St Lukes Hospice and the Wynberg Rotary Club.
St Luke’s Hospice provides Palliative Care to persons living with life threatening illnesses assisted by a team of professional Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers and Caregivers. Care is provided primarily in the patient’s own home irrespective of colour, religion or their ability to pay.

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