Some fun at Lavender Hill High

House colours:

Van der Bilt student Ryan Selvaggio was here in May to July 2013. Ryan did a lot of work to establish a house system at the School. The students and staff were consulted and provide input and made choices.

Last week the house colours were officially launched. These are some pictures of the launch.

Colours_4 Colours_3 Colours_2 Colours_1

2014 Bag hand-out:

Each year Biffy tries to hand out bags to say well done to the students who have not dropped out of the system and stayed all the way to Grade 12. The bags are filled with a few goodies (depending what Biffy can get her hands on). This year the students got t-shirts, water bottles, pens, soap and other odds. This was largely due to donations from Virgin Active, Wynberg Rotaractors and other sponsors. Thank you sponsors.

This task is getting harder and harder due to the increased number of Grade 12 students each year. Although the task gets harder, this is good news as more and more students are staying the distance. When this project was started it was a case of looking for 60 or 70 bags. This year it was a case of having to find 126 bags and contents. I believe that next year it will be over 200. This is truly good news to see more and more students not dropping out of the system and making it all the way to Grade 12.

When speaking to the students of Grade 12 they made me a promise to have a 100% pass rate. Good luck Grade 12s. Make us proud and live up to that promise. Put your heads down for the last few months and do your best.

Bags2014_4 Bags2014_3 Bags2014_2 Bags2014_1

For more information on Lavender Hill High School.

Developments at Lavender Hill Secondary School

One of the YES projects at Lavender Hill was the implementation of School Houses. These are invaluable in developing a sense of belonging, a sense of friendly rivalry, and a forum for leadership growth.

Over 8 weeks, a van der Bilt student – Ryan Selvaggio – helped develop and implement school houses amongst other projects. He worked extensively with the learners, staff, and other support organisations. Continue reading “Developments at Lavender Hill Secondary School”

We are winners! Matrics at Lavender Hill Secondary School.

On Wed 8 May 2013 Stephen, June, Pam and Biffy were able again this year to present the Grade 12 students with a bag with a couple of goodies in each one.

Stephen June Pam Biffy
A distracted Stephen, with June (of YES), Pam and Biffy all of WRC.

The speakers were Mr Manie the Headmaster, Jean Solomons the Head Prefect, Biffy Danckwerts of WRC and June Orsmond of YES. All encouraged the Grade 12’s to do well and reach for a 100% pass rate at the end of the year and congratulated them on staying in school all the way to Grade 12.  The sad fact was that when this Grade was in Grade 8 there were over 280 in the Grade and now only 79 remain.

Mr Manie
Mr Manie encouraging a 100% pass rate!
Jean Solomons
Jean Solomons thanking WRC for the gifts and assuring the learners commitment

At the end June led a resounding ‘Yes we can‘ and ‘We are winners‘ by all the learners.

Biffy Danckwerts
Biffy encouraging the learners

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