Bursary Awards Evening – Lotus River & Grassy Park Schools

The Awards evening for the bursaries funded by money raised by the Oddemarka School, Kristiansand, and the Haugaland College, Haugasund, was held at the newly built Perrivale Primary school in Lotus River.
The event was jointly hosted by the Principals of the seven schools that receive awards from this project and the Norwegian Liaison Committee of the Rotary Club of Wynberg. It is a project that began some 25 years ago when leaders in the Kristiansand Community and also, separately, in the Rotary Club of Kopervik collaborated with the late Are Hovstad, who was a member of the Rotary Club of Wynberg. This long-standing project, which is now much more like a relationship, has benefitted the schools and many of the learners of the schools of De Duine, Lotus River, Montagu’s Gift, Stephen Road, Perrivale, Zeekoeivlei, and Fairmont, and it is this relationship that was so clearly evident in the wonderful event of 7 March 2023.

Many of the schools’ principals had a strong relationship with Are Hovstad, who was so instrumental in getting the project going, and it was great to see their ongoing friendship with his widow, Wenche Hovstad, who was invited to hand out the certificates of award to all of the learners who were there.
It was wonderful to see the pride on the faces of not only the children but of their parents too, as they watched their children, who had been selected to represent their schools and to receive their awards.

But the thing that got our attention was the past recipients of these awards, who came back to tell their stories. There was a number who have recently matriculated and are now studying at tertiary institutions around Cape Town. There was the recipient, Kevin Jacobs, who had gone on to qualify and was now teaching at Stephen Road Primary where he had been a learner and giving back to the next generation. Donovan Nelson, who had received an award from this project a number of times while at school, both junior and high school, is now the Ward Councillor for that area. Stories such as these, that talk to the success of this project, are truly heart warming and for me the only reason required to continue these amazing relationships with such caring people so far away and so far removed from the lifestyle of the recipients, as our friends and supporters in Norway.

Members of the Wynberg Rotary Club aafter the event.

Kansas to Cape Town, Rotary Fellowship Exchange

Rotary District 9350  &  Rotary Eastern Kansas District 5710 Fellowship Exchange

Rotary International promotes fellowship and no better way to experience this than through the Rotary Fellowship Exchanges. During this past month 15 so Rotarians from various Rotary Clubs of Eastern Kansas Kansas USA have visited District 9350 and been shown around from wine farms, sights and interesting projects.

Our club hosted the group from 22 March to 25 March where Biffy organised a very fun and exciting programme ensuring our guests see a lot of Cape Town in a short time. We know they were impressed and we hope to see our friends soon.

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Rotary Quiz Night: A Successful and Fun Evening

Seeff Southern Suburbs does it again!

Seeff Southern Suburbs won the Rotary Quiz Night for the second year in a row on Tuesday 26 September at the Earth Fair Market Tokai.

The Rotary Quiz Night is a Rotary Club of Wynberg fund raiser that challenges teams to participate in a general knowledge quiz with a fun and enjoyable format.

The success of the Rotary Quiz Night is largely due to growing support from a loyal base of teams from Rotary clubs; Corporates as well as the public who over the past 4 years have come back again and again for an enjoyable fun night. The Quiz is grateful for the support of sponsors and donors who help make the event such a success. Our main event sponsors are RevPrint Tokai, AudioVan and Pixelberg. A big thanks also to the Maitland Group who donated R3,000 towards the Library Corner Project. Continue reading “Rotary Quiz Night: A Successful and Fun Evening”

Building Kennels in Khayelitsha

In celebration of Nelson Mandela, Lina, Brian, Hugh, Biffy, Derek, Jackie, Simisha and Imran braved the cold and damp and headed for Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha. They rolled up the sleeves and proceeded to build 2 kennels out of old packaging crates.

Mdzananda seeks to enhance the well being for the animals and their community through veterinary health care, education and partnerships.
The clinic serves up 1000 animals per month through consultations, surgery, hospitalization and mobile clinics for sick and injured animals.
The clinic has a strong focus on education and community empowerment, and understanding the community’s needs.
The kennels will be available to the community at a low cost.

For more information about Mdzananda Animal Clinic please see their website www.mdzananda.co.za

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