Teen Connect

Martine Glømmi, the grand daughter of Rotary friend Øistein Glømmi, a friend of the club from Nittedal Rotary Club Norway, worked with her classmates at high school to raise money for an entrepeneurship project and sent it to us to manage under specific conditions:-

It was to be used to purchase portable (solar) cell phone chargers / powerpacks, preferably made in South Africa: These should be given to worthy recipients at one of our schools.

The definition of ‘worthy’ was left to us! We agreed that one of our Rotaract clubs should pursue this project with the youth on our behalf and so it was given to Steenberg Rotaract.

On 24th April Tiffany Serenge, President for Steenberg Rotaract Club, handed over the solar charges to 30 students at South Peninsula High School in Plumstead, in a small but very meaningful event in which a message from Martine was read out.

Connecting teens was a business me and my classmates made in our second year of high school. It all started in our entrepreneurship class where the goal was to start, build and complete a business throughout the year. At the end of the year I was left with a lot of knowledge on how to run a business, how to marketing the product and how to attract the market. I am so proud of myself and my team and the fact that we were able to help the less fortunate is my proudest accomplishment. Thank you so much for helping me and my friends and thank you for making this possible.


Martine Sem Glømmi

The criteria chosen for receipt of the chargers were financial need and various helpful characteristics in the school.

The club thanks Martine for organising this important project to connect teens in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. She deserves to feel proud, as does her family. We look forward to hearing great things about Martine Glømmi, the Entrepreneur, in the future.

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