Induction 2017-2018

On Thursday 29th June the Wynberg Rotary Club and guests proudly attended the induction of President Rob Murphy for the 2017-2018 Rotary Year. Rob has been secretary for the past few years and we are all confident that he will bring nbew insights to the role of President.

President Rob (left) being congratulated by outgoing President Alan.

Rob started a very inspiring speech with a quotation from Henry VIII –

“I’m told that a good way to start a speech like this is to say “As Henry V111 said to his wives: I won’t keep you long…. “  so we all settled into our next glass of wine …  Robs Induction Speech.

The New Board: Candice (Youth), Biffy (PE and Membership), Keela (Secretary), President Rob, Mike (Treasurer) and Alan (PP and Services)

Download Incoming President Rob’s Induction speech and Outgoing President Alan’s Handover Talk.

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