Youth Citations

Justin Schonegevel,a Wynberg Rotarian, and Lee Bergman, Wynberg Rotaractor, were presented with Citations for their exceptional dedication to the youth, at a meeting of RC Newlands Youth Services in September.

Lee and Justin
Lee and Justin

Justin Schonegevel : RC Wynberg
Past Rotaractor and now a Rotarian, Justin is the Adventures into Citizenship and Interact Training Workshop Champion, who has taken both these programmes to new heights and in so doing has fostered great working partnerships with RC Cape Town and Rotaract. Together these two leadership programmes offered over 230 young people in Interact, this year alone, the opportunity to understand their roles in society and in Rotary.

Lee Bergman: Rotaract Wynberg, past DRR
Lee does not know how to have a weekend like normal people, or even normal Rotarians. If he’s having a braai, it’s because it’s a project, if he’s doing DIY, it’s because it’s a project, if he’s having a party, it’s because it’s Uncle Paul’s, if he’s away for the weekend, it’s because it’s a Rotary or Rotaract Conference, if he’s exercising, it’s because it’s the Cycle Tour/marathon /Two Oceans, and if it’s anything else, you can bet he’s designing the Youth Service website, or new banners for District, or the artwork for some Rotary function, or training Rotarians on social media. Lee put the face of Rotaract into the Rotary /Rotaract Partnership and reminds us to become the place Rotaractors want to move to when they leave Rotaract.

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