Magical Visitors to Isiphiwo School

Wynberg Rotary was fortunate to host two different visits to Isiphiwo Primary School during the last month. And from the reception, the school was thrilled!

The first visit was by Alina Topp, our STEP exchange student from Germany. Alina was given the Khayelitsha tour with a stop-over at Isiphiwo. We found that the Grade 3 class who have twinned with a French class as pen pals had made lovely mobiles using hangers (below).

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The school has once again been recognised for their efforts. We found a number of paintings down the corridors with number and letter puzzles and general interest and geography lessons. Thanks to the Department of Education who have recognised Isiphiwo’s efforts and provided a some money that had to be appropriately spent on promoting literacy and numeracy.

Well done Mr Tabata and staff.

We noticed that the school has also shown pride in their surroundings. Bricks that had been lifted and stored in the quad had been put to great use by paving a previously sandy area and building a low retaining wall. Once again, using resources that they have to beautify the grounds for the learners.

The second visitor was Marty the Magician, returning for his third performance at Isiphiwo, all the way from the USA. We cannot keep Marty and his wife Judy away. Marty was supported by Lowell and Linda Rice and their tour parties. What a wonderfully supportive bunch from Southern California who always come back.
For Marty’s show all 1100 learners packed into their hall. The noise of all these excited youngsters is always something to experience. And believe me, they all know who Marty the Magician is.

Marty learnt t20140814_101645o20140814_100156 do magic tricks as a hobby. The first time Lowell and Linda brought him out he was not travelling with his magic bag but heard about Isiphiwo and quickly improvised and found the right “tools of the trade”. Now Marty, and his tolerant and supportive wife Judy, have to travel with an extra bag. As can be imagined the kids go mad and then next minute are stunned into silence and disbelief. It is truly an experience being part of the school when Marty comes to town and the best place to be is sitting amongst the learners.

Mike and Vicky, 20140814_111408friends of Marty and Judy’s back in the USA,  sent over some money to treat the kids. Each child (all 1100) got a sweet. Thanks Mary for staying behind to help me dish them all out.

The faces and delight of the kids is always a treat.


Who are Lowell and Linda Rice and why do they visit Isiphiwo? Lowell and Linda bring out tour 20140814_093137 groups to SA almost every second year. This year was made up largely of ex-teachers. But their main philosophy that the tour groups buy into, is giving back. They ask all their “tourists” to bring 2 suitcases and 1 must be “giving back”. The tour participants are allowed a suitcase for  their own use and the other must be filled with goods to give back. Soccer balls, knitted beanies, caps, stationery, clothing for the kids, Janice made bags, etc. They unload their gifts and I am always amazed at how much they can actually bring. Mr Tabata and his staff are always so grateful and use this on those that really need the assistance the most. It is occasions like this that allows those less fortunate to feel more integrated.20140814_093209






Mr Tabata thanked the group, while being encouraged to try on a pair of bright shorts made for the kids.

20140814_092556 20140814_092655 20140814_092843 20140814_093059 20140814_093107

Thank you to everyone that has made these visits possible and for always being such great supporters of Isiphiwo.


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