News from Lina at Sees

Lina Howard is back in France, and sends us this feed back from a visit to the Rotary Club of Sees:

Brian and I attended a meeting at the home of Christian Meyer – in their garden – something they like to do during the summer months – each meeting is held at someones home.

The house was very impressive – in a narrow street in the old town of Sees. BUT it was a 3 storey town house built right on the street  with a marvellous big garden at the back. Even we do not have grass that green or pools that big or flowers in pots all over which are in brilliant colour.

There were about 30 people present – wives included and it was catered for entirely by Christian and his wife. Men cook here!!! They put on an amazing spread and served the best wines.
I was sitting between two lovely ladies who both spoke English (so marvellous for me) and I was so entertained.

The meal put 5 star hotels to shame – the French seem to have a culinary culture that is almost religious. The food was amazing. I could not do it any justice because I was talking/listening so much. One does get starved for conversation in one;s home language!!
I do have the newsletter – but it is all in French – should I send it it and you can get Don to translate? (Please send – Stephen)

All I understood was that they were thinking of supporting a food assistance programme for mothers and children in Burkino Fasso.

We met such interesting people – all so welcoming. Also very wealthy -or important. Much like the clubs in Germany and India – where people of importance are in Rotary. ofcourse that also applies to our club – not so!!!

I handed over the banner and gave them greetings from our new President Karen and our club. I am going to try an attach the photo of the handover – and this surely is a makeup pour moi!

In Rotary – with lots of hugs


Handover at Sees

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