Christmas came early to 6 schools in Grassy Park.

To lots of students, this is quite normal and no surprise,- as the early arrival of Christmas to 5 primary schools and 1 secondary school has been part of the pre-Christmas calendar for 12 years.  Without fail.

The big night this year was on Tuesday 27th of November, at Sid G. Rule Primary School, Grassy Park.  The big hall was filled by excited students, their parents and teachers, members of the Norwegian Liaison Committee and other members of the Rotary Club of Wynberg. A special guest was Mr Glen van Harte, the Director of the Metropole South Education who gave the keynote address.

There was be no Father Christmas, but the spirit of Christmas was the same, and the certificates given to the students, was received with just as much excitement and joy as any Christmas gift.  Between 600 and 700 students from 6 schools again shared the amazing amount of R370.000 – which was divided into bursaries for the upcoming school year.

The money can only be used for school material, uniforms and other equipment, all necessary expenses throughout the school year.  The recipients of the bursaries are selected by the principals and teachers, and all funds are administrated by the school authorities.  The selection is not necessary focusing on very clever students, but also taking into account those who need some extra financial help to get through the school year.

The amazing amount of money is being raised by young students in Norway, mainly on one specific Solidarity Day, when schools all over Norway close and the students take any work they can get.  This day has a long tradition in Norway, and the public are very willing to create jobs for the youngsters for good causes. Every year there are many worthwhile charities which apply for the fundraised amounts, and it is therefore unique that the Norwegian students have managed to keep up the enthusiasm for this project over so many years.  There is no doubt that this is mainly because of the fact that some students from the different Norwegian donor schools and a few teachers pay visits to Cape Town on a regular basis, to keep in touch with the schools in Grassy Park, as well as with the members of The Norwegian Liaison Committee of the Rotary Club of Wynberg.  The visitors are guests of the Rotary Club of Wynberg when they stay in Cape Town, and they always make it a point not to use any fundraised money for their travels.

The many remarks from grateful students as well as their families on the Bursary Award Evening, show that not only will the money be of great assistance, but the feeling that some students in a country far away,  care about them, and want them to succeed, is priceless.

So, Christmas did indeed come early to 6 schools in Grassy Park.

Schools for 2012:

  • Stephen Road Primary
  • Montagu’s Gift Primary
  • Die Duine Primary
  • Lotus River Primary
  • Perivale Primary
  • Fairmount Secondary

Meetings in November

The Rotary Club of Wynberg meets on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Thursday of every month at The Palms Guest House, Oxford Road, Wynberg ( GPS co-ordinates: 33° 59′ 59.57″ S 18° 27′ 54.77″ E. If there is a 5th Thursday in the month, then we have a social.

View the full calendar. 

Highlights for the next month are:

1 Nov (Thur):   Normal meeting / Bronwyn Maree, SA Birdlife Albatross Task Force

8 Nov (Thur):   Normal meeting / Jacqui Greenberg and Sue Kitsen on stem cells

15 Nov (Thur): Normal meeting / Karin  Webber, Claremont Rotary Club, Business Ethics

22 Nov (Thur):  Board meeting / Thanksgiving Day in the USA

24 Nov (Sat):  Children’s Beach Day

28 Nov (Wed): Uncle Paul’s starts

29 Nov (Thur):  Social – details to be confirmed.

Ambassadorial Scholar Sarah Yousuf

Hello from Chicago, Illinois!  I am the 2012-2013 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from District 6450, Rotary Chicago Far North, and I am currently staying here in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.  I want to thank Rotary Wynberg for hosting me and showing me around their lovely city.


Touring the Cape: The Swartberg Pass and the Cango Caves.

Just a little about me, I originally come from a family of immigrants who settled in the States from Pakistan.  I grew up in Chicago and obtained my license to practice law as an attorney in 2008.  Currently, I am in South Africa obtaining my Masters of Law at the University of Cape Town.  In addition, I spend my free time doing volunteer work and practicing martial arts.


A little bit of home: The WIllis Tower in Chicago, and Sarah with her brother and sister.

More fun cleaning up Uncle Pauls

A workteam met at Uncle Paul’s castle on 21st October to spruce the place up:- at least until some invaders came to chase them away!


The invaders watching us watching them,






So the end result was a team looking on:- 




and the castle is not quite finished:

As far as we got painting today.  Also no ladders to do the top bits and ran out of paint.  Far left is where we need to do some work.



Having been chased away from the castle we could only stand and watch the antics of up to 8 baboons who obviously think the castle is a great jungle gym.  Wish they would choose another day of the week.  Even with the farm workers and their paint guns all around us we had no peace.  The Rotaractors are thinking of buying their own devices.

Busy weekends with Wynberg Rotaract

Painting Playgrounds at Isiphiwo Pre-School: 29 September.

Rotaract brought paint and all had a funfilled day helping brighten up the playgrounds:

it included hop scotch  and the snake




The team + two Grade R teachers + Mr Tabata (Principal) + caretaker.

 Rotaract PotjieKos competition: Saturday 6 October

The 3 judges with the winning Rotaract Club – Bellville

(see no bias remembering the 4 way test!!!)


Judging the competition








The winning potjie and cook






<:–The road was so bad that most folk elected to walk up.

Interesting bringing some stuff down!!! –>


The farm have started eradicating alien trees.  This has left Rotary Walk and the left of the castle (as you look at it from the arena) a “little” exposed.  The chain saw came out and we did a lot of cleaning up.  A long way to go still.  Took 2 tractor loads away and then it just became to muddy for the tractor to move.  New walls/screens have to be built to hide Rotary Walk now.  Going to be lots more work parties before the start of Uncle Paul’s.